Open Source

Most of my projects are open source and available on GitHub or Bitbucket. Below is a list of some of my projects:


Render django templates based on URL path.

Get the source code on Github.


Easily use Quill.js in your django admin.

Get the source code on Github.

Go Get Version

Go Get Version is a service that makes it easy to specify version numbers of Go (golang) dependencies.

Get the source code on Github.


Pylibsass is a Python wrapper around the libsass library. The main goal of this library is to provide an easy way to hook SASS compilation into your projects.

Get the source code on Github or read the documentation.


PunchedOut! aims to make managing your time card easier.

PunchedOut! has been used by me as a simple application to learn new technologies for several years. In the more recent months, it has been more actively developed, and a private beta version was released.

This project is developed using the Flask Web Framework, SQLAlchemy, SASS, and CoffeeScript.

Note: The source code repository will be made public when a stable version is released.

Visit PunchedOut! now!


An extension for Flask that runs Cake whenever there are changes detected to help build CoffeeScript files.

Get the source code on Github or read the documentation.


A repoze.what plugin that works with MongoDB.

Get the source code on Bitbucket.


Here is a list of a few of the open source projects that I made contributions to:


I contributed several new package formulas to the Homebrew package manager.

For more details, see my fork on GitHub.


I contributed changes to SciPy that made it work with newer versions of OS X and GFortran.


I contributed bug fixes and enhancements (e.g. the blinking cursor in the terminal) to the C# Open Source Managed Operating System (Cosmos) project.